Mobile Apps For Small Business

Mobile Apps For Small Business

It’s like having all

of your customers

(and thousands

more you don’t

even know about!)


So what are Apps and what makes them so important to your business?

  • Contact thousands of people instantly.
  • Staggering opening statistics compared to email
  • Keep in touch with customers.
  • Don’t lose customers to competitors
  • Build your own rapidly growing client list
  • Apps automatically update

How Can We use

Them To Make

More Money!


  1. Get your App on as many phones as possible (easier than you think)
  2. Log in to your dashboard
  3. Send them a message direct to their phone (which they almost certainly will be carrying) with your offer
This video explains everything (with an exciting feature half way through!)


An App is a piece of YOUR software
(like a copy of your website)
… that sits right on your customer’s phone

Ready for you to contact them any time

Clients don’t need to go looking for you on the web (where your competitors are).

Quite simply, they are superb for keeping in touch with (and selling to) your customers on a regular basis.

You can…

Send a message to thousands of people instantly

Nowadays, keeping in touch by E mail is harder. People’s inboxes are full of unwanted messages from all and sundry. Spam filters often sift out the important E mails as well as the junk.

By total contrast, virtually…

…everyone has their mobile phone at

their side (some, both day and night!).

Just watch anyone sat down with their mobile phone on a desk or table. The moment an alert sounds on their phone, they look at it. They can’t help themselves, it’s almost a programmed reaction.

This is the way it used to be with e-mail (can you remember the film “You’ve got mail”?). Back in the day, it was a huge thing to receive an E mail. Nowadays every time you log in to your e-mail client, you are bombarded with sales messages etc.

This is why apps are so powerful.

To put it bluntly, they cut through the crap!

With an app, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of people immediately. People who would maybe ignore (or not receive) emails.

Anyone who has your app on their phone will get your message instantly (and look at it).

It can also contain links to any other page on your site (or even elsewhere on the web such as Facebook, Twitter Etc).

These instant alerts come up on a phone exactly like a text message alert.

This is called a Push Notification.

This sets Apps apart from any other type of communication.


For example, say you have a restaurant that has quiet evenings (perhaps in the early part of the week?). You can send a message out to every one with your App, inviting them in at a special rate. You may soon fill the place up. A few extra diners per week could make a huge difference to your bottom line.


If you are a retailer, you can message all of your customers to tell them that a new product has is in stock.

You can keep in touch with your customers as often as you wish.

Services – Plumbers, Carpet Cleaners, Oven Cleaners, Landscapers.

This is ideal for service based businesses.You can tell them about a new special offer, a new service or perhaps just keeping in touch by saying hello. What about seasonal specials?

Let’s say you have a couple of cancellations and need to fill the gaps at short notice. You can send a push notification to your clients and hopefully, you will fill those spaces quite quickly.

The possibilities are endless.